Let these secrets be uncovered on Galvan valley!


For the last four days I have been wondering what is the reason that our Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Foreign Minister have not uttered a word against China even though the common people of India have been murdered? They are holding anti-China protests everywhere, burning effigies of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Modi’s friend, demanding boycott of Chinese goods and teaching China a lesson. Watching the last-journey scenes of our 20 jawans on TV channels, it hurts.

Our leaders saluted his bravery and paid tribute to him, doing it well but the government has not yet clearly stated where exactly the skirmish between the Indian and Chinese soldiers took place, how far the Line of Control took place and What such things or actions happened between the soldiers on both sides, because of which something like this never happened in the last 45 years on this 3500 km borderline.

I have always been an example of this peace or decorum of the Indo-China frontier to the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Generals of Pakistan. I have been telling them that why should we not follow this tradition even in the case of Kashmir? Now it is a matter of satisfaction that the Foreign Ministers of both the countries have announced that peace will be maintained along the border and all matters will be resolved through negotiations.

An even bigger puzzle is that the bloody struggle that started on the night of 15 June continued till 4 in the morning and at 7.30 am the generals of the two countries sat down to talk. This is a big secret. It should have been that after the killing of our unarmed troops, our guns, cannons and missiles should have started burning. If the Chinese killed our soldiers by using iron forks in sticks and broke the agreement to talk unarmed on the frontier, what was our army doing?

Why didn’t our Army and soldiers has not gone there wearing similar sticks and wearing armor? Where did our soldiers get arrested by the Chinese? Did their field or did it from our region? All these demands should be made in Parliament and the government should do a thorough investigation and present the report to the country. The life of our soldiers is invaluable. Do not even know exactly how many Chinese soldiers were killed?

China often tells the number of its dead soldiers, less hides more. According to an American espionage source, 40 Chinese soldiers have been killed, but according to an Indian satellite-image expert (satellite imagery expert) Colonel Bhatt, the encounter took place on June 15, 40 km inside China, on the Line of Actual Control. (L.A.C.)! Is it true or false?

Only after the unveiling of all these mysteries, we have to plan ahead. India also needs to know the secret that it was a local and sudden incident or that it was done with the consent of the Chinese leaders, a misdeed, behind which there is a deep conspiracy.