More than 726 million cyber-attacks recorded this year


There are 375,000 new types of malwares are detected daily,  experts are warning that darker, more extreme attacks could be on the way if firms don’t take the necessary precautions to protect themselves – and their devices – properly, a kaspersky report said.


Security Analysts from Kaspersky have also warned that the outbreak of COVID 19 could witness a spike in online attacks as IT teams of corporate companies are doing very less in securing their endpoints from malware attacks raised from work from home employees.


As governments across the world are requesting employees and students to work/learn from home, 46% of them are said to be vulnerable to cyber attacks as they are using unsecured devices and are lacking awareness of the threats lurking in the current cyber landscape.


The highlight of the report from Kaspersky is that it says that 75% of them are vulnerable to cyber threats as they are using obsolete hardware and software which lack the least basic security updates.


What’s more 75% of people working from home say that they have had zero IT security awareness training since they switched from office working to remote working overnight.

As a result of these lax measures, it’s perhaps unsurprising that one in four workers (27%) say they received malicious emails related to COVID-19 while working from home.