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Today, every organization’s workforce is seen as the digital workforce; powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world and ready to take on anything. Today, IT companies are working aggressively to help prepare and create a future digital workforce. The only thing that has changed about our work is where we do it. Build flexible, hybrid and work from home solutions for your organization today, so your employees can seamlessly adapt to a world that’s constantly redefining. 

With India undergoing a massive digital transformation, and the upcoming 5G connectivity, Indian companies and policymakers need to pay attention to these findings. There is a need to drive improvements in cybersecurity standards in governance, the software supply chain, detection and remediation capabilities, and sharing of information between the public and private sectors.

OT infrastructure is dramatically different from a traditional IT network. While there has been a huge push towards modernization, it’s not uncommon to see control systems running outdated operating systems. Windows NT and XP still exist in large numbers in OT networks. This is partly due to systems that may have been in place for 20 years and cannot be readily upgraded due to 24/7 demand or replacement being cost-prohibitive.


The problem ends up being control systems that can no longer be patched for vulnerabilities and often cannot run modern security tools already in use on the IT side of the organization. IT and OT security are very different animals, but organizations cannot afford to look at them as separate entities. IT and OT teams must work together to form an overarching security approach that utilizes the right tools for each environment and rolls security information up into a single pane of glass.