Reliance Foundation Information Services – disseminating information for livelihood improvement

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One of the programmes of Reliance Foundation called “Reliance Foundation Information Services – RFIS” is disseminating localized livelihood (agriculture, livestock, fisheries, etc.) and non-livelihood advisories (local news, social messages, insurance, civic services, etc.) using different communication media (mobile platforms, local cable TV, Radio, Print) with the guidance of various knowledge providers (Universities, Government Departments, Banks, Hospitals, etc.).

As of date, 40 lakh individuals have been reached through various mobile platforms. Additionally, about 3.6 lakh users participated in multi-location audio/video conferences and various field based services interactions. 1, 48,550 farm animals were treated for various health ailments through livestock camps organized in partnership modes. Apart from these, weather based agro-livestock-marine advisories bulletins, early warning information are disseminated through 54 local cable TV networks, 7 AIR / Community Radio and 6 newspaper network. Presently the programme reaches Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal.


Programme Name: Reliance Foundation – Information Services (RFIS)


Key Principles behind the design of the programme:

• To address the information poverty in various localized issues by providing tailor-made, quality answers to rural customer questions
• To provide right information at the right time from the right source for making right decision to move up the value chain for higher income generation or knowledge empowerment
• To develop framework for various need based dissemination technological platforms to share localized content in all languages made seamlessly available for sharing


Senthil-Passport“Reliance Foundation Information Services is committed to bringing about rural transformation through efficient use of technology. The core aspect of the programme involves use of technological platforms for addressing the common problems faced by farmers, livestock owners, fisher folk, disaster affected and other marginalized communities. We link knowledge seekers with subject matter experts and technocrat knowledge providers through virtual platforms that help with relevant information at the right time.”

Senthilkumaran S., Programme Head, Reliance Foundation-Information Services



To provide “Right Kind of Information from the Right Sources to the Right People at the Right Time” towards livelihood improvement and knowledge empowerment

Important Aspects of the Programme:

• Providing day to day triggers or reminders related to customer’s livelihood or general knowledge services (eg. remainders to livestock farmers to go for vaccination for foot and mouth diseases during march month)

• Providing incremental or new information suitable to their practiced livelihood (e.g. providing information and importance of taking shepherd insurance, hydroponic technology based fodder management)

• Providing new and latest trending information (e.g. cashless transaction, civic services, employment, importance of polio pulse vaccination) and

• Making linkages with appropriate players (e.g. connecting with livestock insurance officials, azola preparation veterinary officials) to get the appropriate support at different levels and address the target audiences queries


• Farmers (major crops)
• Fisher Folk (both Marine and Inland)
• Livestock farmers

• Pregnant and Lactating women
• Rural Youth
• Micro-entrepreneurs
• General Public and
• Extension Officials

Themes Covered:

• Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture
• Animal Husbandry
• Marine Fisheries, Inland Fisheries
• Health
• Education, Employment
• Government / Bank Subsidies – Loan – Entitlements, Civic Services
• Micro-Enterprises
• Early Warning & Disaster Management and
• Market

Modes to Reach the Customers:

• Mobile based audio/text advisories
• WhatsApp based audio/video/rich text advisories
• Jio Chat based virtual camps – Plant disease diagnostic camps, Livestock camps
• Multi-location audio/video conferences
• Local cable TV/Radio/Print Medium network based bulletins dissemination (weather based agro-livestock-fisheries advisories); scroll and live phone in programmes in local cable TV
• Providing advisories at field (demonstrations, trainings and knowledge on wheels based advisories dissemination and awareness creation)
• Training at sea (knowledge on ocean)
• Field based services – medical camps, livestock camps and plant diagnostic camps

Programme Design

• Listing out information and training needs from various secondary data, reports and direct inputs from various government departments’ institutions, opinions and observations of experts from that particular region, focus group discussions with communities.
• Identifying ground level grassroots network and cross checking the information and training needs with random network individuals
• Mapping the institutions/organization/individuals based on expertise and leadership in a field and partnering with them for sourcing knowledge/information in the form of content and resource persons for various programme activities
• Disseminating need based information using different communication platforms and facilitating to organize discussions between knowledge seekers and knowledge providers using different communication platforms and engagements to address the issues and provide clarifications
• Providing clarifications addressing questions through cloud telephony based Toll Free Helpline Number
• Conducting joint research studies to assess impact and find out the mid-course corrections


Digital platforms based Early Warning Dissemination


RFIS has extensively disseminated cyclone and adverse weather conditions advisories for the Phailin, Leher, Helen, HudHud, Roanu, Vardha cyclones and Hailstorms in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.


Collaboration between RFIS and large national institutions such India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Indian National Centre for Oceanographic Services (INCOIS) enables RFIS platforms to disseminate weather based agro, early warning (Phailin, Leher, Helen, HudHud, Roanu, Vardha and Hailstorms in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu) and other marine fisheries advisories.


Knowledge Providers

Presently RFIS programme is in partnership with more than 620 knowledge partners (departments/organizations/institutions/hospitals/banks not individuals) for providing content, allotting experts for providing clarifications and extending services at ground.



“I own 5 Acres of farming land took 5 more acres on lease for cultivation. I cultivated black gram this year in my field after this January Kharif Paddy crop. The crop hasn’t shown any growth even after 45 days of sowing. I applied many medicines but in vain. During the same time, Reliance Foundation organised a live program with Scientist Dr. Ramana from KVK, Ghantasala. He suggested me to spray 200 grams of Urea mixed into 10 litres of water across the field. The crop sustained and I got higher yield than my neighbouring farmers.”
– Katram Srinu, Chinnapuram, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh

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