Remote working gradually becoming widespread and a new normal


Sanjay Patodia
CEO & Director, Galaxy Office Automation


As a Leading Player

Focusing around technology sales & coverage sales. In technology sales we focused on investing in skills, certification & resources. In coverage our focus was to increase specific customer verticals around BFSI, health care, manufacturing and service sectors across private, public and Government enterprises.

We successfully leveraged our skills and resources of our well-established security, mobile and cloud computing units and managed to close quite a few of those opportunities. We created “Work from Anywhere” offerings that enabled employees to access enterprise systems with the same level of security and reliability as if they were working from the office and at the same time ensuring that their productivity levels do not drop. As a matter of fact, we implemented these solutions internally for our own staff to work from wherever they were. We also offered “Proof of Concepts” of such solutions so that prospective customers could experience the benefits themselves before placing their orders.

Expanding Service Offerings 

We created a digital ecosystem to automate most of the internal sales & marketing processes. We have also implemented a robust digital marketing strategy to remain competitive in the marketplace. The digital strategy has three focus elements – Brand Visibility, Lead Generation, & Employer branding.

Apart from our long-term strategy, our preparedness, agility and innovativeness help us to tweak that strategy and not only survive this difficult period but we also grew our top line by around 10%.

Available Solutions to Penetrate

Remote working is gradually becoming widespread and has become a new normal. A large number of companies are now seeing the benefits of letting their workers work remotely.  Apart from increased productivity, reduced office space has an immediate impact on the bottom line. Remote work structures are expected to perform well as they have resulted in increased flexibility and reduced costs. Employee morale has also been increased as a result of shorter commuting times and the use of virtual communication software.

We create impactful online marketing campaigns along with OEM partners to drive demand generation for the key focus products & services. We also used digital media to attract new talent, as well as increase our mindshare with corporate customers. During the lockdowns, digital was the only way to keep in touch with our customers and using multiple channels, we created effective two-way communication lines.

Strategic Plans In 2021

Seven out of 10 businesses saw an increase in productivity of around 25 percent as a result of allowing remote working. But due to the growing trend of remote culture, companies have faced newer challenges like cyber threats, cyberloafing, idle hours. To overcome such difficulties, Employee monitoring software demand has seen an upsurge. Organisations make use of such tools to keep track of their employee activities. WE now have partnerships for offering Employee monitoring tools like ProFactor and Office space sharing tools like ProVisit which have proved to establish an efficient remote workspace. 

Best Suited OEMS’s Partner Programmes

Galaxy has access to the industry’s most comprehensive technology solutions portfolio. We have top-tier partnerships with Dell Technologies, VMwareLenovoIBMMicrosoftCisco, Nutanix, Sophos, Juniper, Checkpoint etc, and we can thus help our customers with world class, end-to-end services and solutions that span the cloud, data center and the Edge