Supertron Organizes Walk for Cancer Awareness in Kolkata


Supertron Foundation and We Can Cancer Cannot, a cancer awareness society jointly organized a walk in Kolkata for cancer awareness called “colourwalk”. This is the second year Supertron has organized the walk for a social cause as a CSR activity. Supertron Foundation is focusing on major areas of the society such as Health, Education and disability for underprivileged children. There were more than 250 children, the parents of whom too joined the walk.


SEPL has founded Supertron Foundation in 2016 to focus on its CSR activities in a structured and professional way. Supertron Foundation has spread its wings to the various sections of the underprivileged society, focusing primarily in three areas- 1) Empowerment through technology, 2) Livelihood and 3) Health.


“God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with” – is the philosophy that V.K Bhandari, CMD – Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd believed right from his early days of entrepreneurship. SEPL actively involved in many social projects much before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)   became a buzz word.