The collaboration we have with our vendors, helps us deliver quality performance


In a chat with VARINDIA, ABHISHEK RUNGTA, PROPRIETOR, COMPUTEK discusses about the business model and the growth opportunities, differentiating factors from competitors, challenges faced post COVID and much more


Please give us a little brief about yourself and the company.

Computek started on a modest scale when the IT sector was evolving in Hyderabad. Today, the city has become ‘Cyberabad’- a hub for major hardware and software solutions. We have been associated with Lenovo for more than 12 years now. Started our journey with retail and today we provide complete end to end customized services & solutions. In order to cater to the growing needs of several prestigious enterprises in the city, the company has expanded the scale and agility of its business. As a leading service provider in this sector, we have been instrumental in the digital transformation of our clients. We also offer several technology-based packages for uninterrupted systems solutions, on a continuous basis with the help of a dedicated group of engineers. Our engineering team offers intensive support to the architecture after installation. Computek has diversified and collaborated with other reliable vendors for virtualization and cloud storage facilities for our clients in Hyderabad and surrounding areas.


Briefly explain your business model. What are the growth opportunities you see for yourself in the near future?

We live in challenging times which present unlimited choices for businesses. Our drive and sustenance come from appreciating the varied needs of each vertical we serve. Our clients command customized technology to propel the existing operations and rely on our expertise to satisfy their demands. Since 1998, our IT operations in the Hyderabad region have optimized and modernized the network and infrastructure in several large and mid-sized business houses. We refine our product profile, solutions and procurement services on a continuous basis to serve the needs of our customers. With our support, several companies including MNCs and government departments have also been able to migrate from conventional legacy platforms and automate their functions.


What drives your business growth? Can you describe your customers and why they would select you over your competitors?

Computek has a presence in almost all the relevant sectors of IT procurement such as Manufacturing, IT & ITES, Pharmaceuticals etc. The biggest and the most important factor remains – client trust. We provide the technology and support in a sustained and periodic manner while focusing on customer retention.


The collaboration we have with our vendors, helps us deliver quality performance, add convenience of work and improve reliability. The ancillary benefit of engaging knowledgeable vendors in the long run helps in maintaining trusted relationships with the management. Our team utilizes their specific knowledge and proficiency to deploy the IT infrastructure and offer complete solutions to the precise needs of the client. We offer various services to our clients apart from box moving which drives our business and makes a preferred vendor for our clients. The upgrades are designed to ensure operations and business are not hampered.


What is the most preferred brand/product by your customers? Have you seen any customer trends in the last few months?

Customers always want the best brands that are reliable as well as durable, and Lenovo has been leading the space with its vast product portfolio. Designed to enhance focus and efficiency, the ThinkPad and ThinkBook range of devices are especially popular with our customers. There is a positive vibe for businesses as demand across the IT segment is high and it appears this will be the trend for the next few quarters as well.


How has the organization tackled challenges post the COVID pandemic?

The COVID 19 pandemic came as a huge shock to everyone and there have been significant changes since then. There has been a constant shift in consumer behavior due to the challenges faced by them during the pandemic.


The pandemic put a lot of our activities on hold with WFH becoming the new normal. With new challenges arising on a daily basis, we initially had trouble adapting to the new WFH environment. The operational and financial challenges required additional effort from each individual in the organization. We also faced issues with the turnaround time for supplies and shortage in components during the pandemic. However, with a lot of effort and determination, we handled various challenges and have been able to fulfill our commitment to our customers owing to our wide network across India.


What are the technology trends to look out for in the SMB segment?

Every industry today needs updated technology to enhance the productivity of their employees and increase profits. Today, modest business organizations including SMBs are investing a decent amount of money in network technology and services through our support. The pace at which things are moving, AI and social media marketing are trends to look out for in the SMB segment. A number of SMB organizations are also collaborating with startups to offer various solutions to their customers. We have seen an increased interest from customers in various services like prompt and effective resolution of IT challenges and a strong services portfolio to minimize downtime.