The WFH culture increasing the attack surface area


N K Mehta, CEO & MD, Secure Network Solutions India


As a leading player  

Secure Network Solutions (SNS) is a Cyber Security focused System Integration company since 2000. SNS has seen a consistent growth year-on-year due to the digital revolution and customer adoption of wide range of hi-tech products and solutions including Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language. With WFH culture, millions of devices are remotely connected, increasing the attack surface area. End point has become new threat vector and incidents of cybercrime are increasing exponentially. As per published reports, the cost of cybercrime is estimated to be 6 trillion dollars. Therefore, Cyber security solutions is edged to see huge jump moving ahead.

Expanding Service Offerings

SNS now offers consulting, outsourcing of Security Specialists, Remote Installation & Monitoring as well as SIEM/SOAR services. Now, SNS has a dedicated Services team to handle overseas requirements. Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Posture Assessment (SPA), and Security Analytics are some of the services we are seeing a growing demand. Increased threats, ransomware attacks, vulnerabilities on products, need for compliance, and regulatory requirements have switched reactive customers to proactive gear. In fact, we started our 10th operation at Ahmedabad during pandemic to cater to increasing requirement in that region.

Available solutions to penetrate

SNS has matured product lines to address secure remote working requirements. Cloud based Identity & Access Management (IAM), Cloud managed Secure End-point Detection & Response (EDR), Secure SDWAN, Cloud based DLP, SIEM and SOAR are gaining traction. We are proactively reaching out to our customers who have offered the flexibility to their employees for Work From Home (WFH) even till end of the year.

Strategic plans in 2021

Employee productivity management is evolving as a single largest focus area due to the changed working conditions. Offering User experience as if they are working on-prem in terms of speed, performance, efficiency without compromising on security is another major area.

Best suited OEM’s Partner programmes

Cloud Identity, Secure Web Applications, Cloud DLP, SASE are the new technologies and we have aligned ourselves to the leaders in the respective segments. On-prem vendors who have modified their offerings to suit the changing times have also scaled-up to the challenges, which is very promising. It offers partners a seamless transition from on-prem to hybrid without looking for new vendors in the respective segments.