200,000 hours of Oxygen support provided by UiPath to fight the pandemic in India


In a joint effort, UiPath and UiPath Foundation have partnered with OxygenForIndia to provide 200,000 hours of Oxygen to combat the pandemic in India.


Approximately 5,500 oxygen cylinders will be airlifted to India in the coming week. Acknowledging the importance of solidarity and support for the severely affected, UiPath, the UiPath Foundation, and UiPath employees are providing nearly $1 million to deliver oxygen supplies immediately to India.


“It is imperative that communities and companies around the world come together to support India in its efforts. Realizing the importance and immediate necessity for medical-grade oxygen, UiPath and UiPath Foundation express their solidarity with the people of India. We thank OxygenForIndia and the UiPathers worldwide for their generous support”, stated Raluca Negulescu-Balaci, the Executive Director of UiPath Foundation